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Gnarls Barkley Style Crazy.

First and foremost, life has been a little wild lately in preparation for Sonshine festival next week and the release of the other projects I have been working on. I will be taking a week and a half off of my usual categorical blog production and will return back to normal on July 18th.

I apologize for seeming distant and leaving you out at sea for 11 more days, but it is all in good intentions. Don’t take it personal. Please. Thank you.

With all apologies aside, I have been working at least 12 hours a day towards what is next in our journey together. I hope you won’t be disappointed. Actually, I know you won’t be.

So, what in the world have I been getting ready for?!?!

Welp, it’s a multitude of fresh ideas.

I have been spending a lot of time in the studio with some amazing producers recording audio versions of A Makers Dozen and Juice Box Living. I recorded them as if we (me and you) were having a conversation with each other. So, the listener hears me speaking on a more personal level. Also, each chapter is an individual track with music fading in and out, for easier listening. Each book has 14 mini-sermons if you will. Those will all be out on iTunes in a few weeks so make sure to keep your ears attentive.

On July 17th I will be releasing a video series entitled Lakeside Sessions. For now, there will be five 7-10 minute videos and they will be released one at a time for five consecutive weeks on YouTube. Each video is based on a Sunday school story that I remember as a kid, but with a fresh, modern, older kid perspective. Allowing you to relate. Allowing your sister to relate. Get ready. Lakeside Sessions are going to rule.

Lastly, I will be attending Sonshine festival in Willmar, MN from July 13th-16th. Well, I won’t just be attending, I’ll be marketing the madness out of myself. I have a booth for the entire camping extravaganza with my friends at 1 of 1 Clothing. If you see anything based on 1 of 1, I will be there. If you see anything based on me, 1 of 1 will be there. That’s how we do it. Come visit our booth or come find me walking around because I have 17,000 stickers that I need to distribute and I would love to put one on your forehead. I will also have download cards available for five bucks a piece that have the audio books on them. It should be crazy. Like Gnarls Barkley crazy.

With all of that said, keep your ears cleaned out and attentive for the release of my audio books. Keep your sunglasses on and your eyes peeled for Lakeside Sessions. And de-grease your forehead for sticker application and free hugs (yes, de-greasing is appropriate for both). Hope to connect soon!

Until the 18th.

Peace, love, and unscented bug spray.



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