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Mystery Monday: 6/13

This weeks Mystery Monday post is an excerpt from my chapter in A Makers Dozen with Shane Claiborne. Enjoy!

"It doesn’t get much better than Mother Teresa’s line that says ‘we’re not called to be successful, we’re called to be faithful’, said Shane.

'We, as Christians, understand success differently than the world around us. We don’t measure it by money or degrees, but we measure it by Jesus and Jesus triumphed by a cross. That is the weirdest idea in history. The God of the universe comes down as a king that dies for his enemies rather than killing them. In our day, that doesn’t look like success at all. I don’t think you can have the victory of Jesus without having the death of Jesus. We don’t share in his resurrection until we share in the death.'

'For Christians to be successful, I think that means we have a collision with the dominant culture around us. We begin to question the counterfeit success that the world offers with promises that happiness can be purchased or that violence can bring peace. That’s the counterfeit success. That’s where Jesus would challenge the way that Rome brings peace is different than the way that Christ brings peace. So we don’t measure our success off of the market or the war in Iraq, we measure our success off of the scandalous grace and love of the cross and that’s what we’re called to follow. As much as we’re called to follow his resurrection, we’re called to follow His selfless love.'

If you truly want to live out the life of Christ, rethink the ways that you were taught, rethink the ways that society portrays Christians. Be the generation that gives Christianity the powerful and loving name that is should be.

We are all a part of something BIG. Jesus is still alive in us. Awaken the church. Show the world what the real life of someone who follows Jesus is all about.”

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